About Us

Allow Jacobson's Jewellery to create an engagement or wedding ring you'll treasure for ever. With more than 40 years experience, this family-owned and operated business is highly experienced and committed to creating quality jewellery.

Handcrafted and designed to reflect your desires, each piece is unique. By creating all their own products, Jacobsons Jewellery can offer very competitive prices .

Staff & Management
Primarily Jacobson's Jewellery is a family business. Each store is managed by one of Jacob's sons where customer satisfaction ranks as the number one priority. .

Our Inception
Starting as manufacturers and then growing into retail has meant our customers benefit as they are dealing with jewellers and not sales assistants.

Our History
The very beginning of the Jacobsons family's long and continuous association with the jewellery industry began in 1974 when Jacob Saffo began trading as a jeweller in Istanbul.

Customer Testimonies
This will be updated soon.

Our Vision
I see Jacobson's Jewellery continuing in providing our customers with high quality unusual pieces of jewellery. Educating our customers to ensure they know what they are buying which leads to customer satisfaction which leads to the most effective kind of advertisement - word of mouth referrals.